Types of OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can present itself in different forms.

You can read more about the sub-types below.

Intrusive thoughts, OCD or Pure O?

Intrusive Thoughts


The obsessions or ruminations that occur within OCD are what we call Intrusive Thoughts


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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a condition that has both obsessions – these are your intrusive thoughts, and also compulsions.


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Pure O

open book showing MoodSmith Pure OCD on pagePure O is where people think they only have obsessions and do not have compulsions, but there will be hidden compulsions.


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Types of Intrusive Thoughts


Homosexual or Sexual Orientation OCD is where the focus of your intrusive thoughts are on your sexual identity.


When the focus of your obsessions is on relationships, you might have Relationship OCD.

Religious OCD

People with Religious OCD might feel that they want to shout out in Church or blaspheme and are normally deeply religious people.

Harm OCD

People with Harm related OCD may have intrusive thoughts about harming people they care about.


This subtype of OCD is very difficult for people as it is a paedophilia themed OCD.

Post partum OCD

These types of obsessions are regarding the fear that you could harm your own child.