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Information, articles, tests and online self-help courses to help you with all forms of intrusive thoughts.

All content and courses created by the Founder of MoodSmith®, Dr Elaine Ryan.

First intrusive thought to treatment

My aim for MoodSmith® is to provide you with the information you need when you first have intrusive thoughts. Allow you access to informational tests, and when you are ready give information on models of therapy and access to online self-help courses

Dr Elaine Ryan

First Intrusive Thoughts

When you first have an intrusive thought, it can be worrying and frightening. You will find information on all types of thoughts in MoodSmith's articles. Read about types of intrusive thoughts

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showing benefit of being mindful, paying attention to what you are doing


What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is being conscious of what is taking place in your environment, your thought processes, feelings and sensations in your body, in

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