“MoodSmith’s mission is to provide quality information and self help resources.”

Dr Elaine Ryan, Founder of MoodSmith®

About the Founder

About the Company

Doctor of Psychology University of Surrey
MSc Psychology
BSc Psychology

MoodSmith was founded by Dr Elaine Ryan in 2010.

MoodSmith was incorporated in 2017

I have been working in psychology for 20 years. I worked in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK for many years before starting my own private practice. As my private practice expanded, I developed online self help courses and these now take up the majority of my time.

I wanted the focus of MoodSmith to be Intrusive Thoughts, as so many people suffer with them, but due to the content of their thoughts, may not seek professional help, as they feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Dr Elaine Ryan


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