Anxiety treatment based on Science

Dr Elaine Ryan

Unless you know WHAT CAUSES  your anxiety, how can you fix it?
Many traditional treatments do not look at the key areas in your brain that involve anxiety

You need a SCIENTIFIC  approach to address 3 regions of your brain

Read about Your 3 brains



Your reptilian brain

image of scared man and dog

This is where you FEEL your anxiety.  It can be the cause of your fear and stress.

As this part of your brain is unconscious, you will not know why you are feeling afraid or anxious - you just feel it for what seems like, no reason.

Many traditional forms of treatment largely ignore this part.

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Your mammalian brain

man on bed scaredYour mammalian brain is concerned with emotions and memory.

It helps to explain how your brain attaches fear or anxiety to situations.  You can think of this as your brain attaching and storing the stress in your memory.

Retrain your brain program explains how this happens, and how it keeps your anxiety going.

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Your thinking brain

image of man thinking
This is your intelligence; your thoughts.

It sets you apart from animals. It can also make you suffer.

Your thoughts can result in suffering, worry and anxiety.

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You need science to help you move away from the anxiety that follows you around