Dr Elaine from MoodSmith is a leading psychologist in stress and anxiety.

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Retrain Your Brain

to unlearn anxiety

Retrain Your Brain is an online anxiety treatment, based on Science
The program was made by Dr Elaine from MoodSmith, who knows first hand what anxiety feels like


How does it work

Elaine will take you through the course, providing you with the materials she uses in her own private practice.

She will teach you, using tried and tested techniques;


1Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

These techniques will be personalized for you, based on assessments you complete



2Understand the science

You will learn what is happening in your brain, that results in your own anxiety





You will learn about mindfulness and how this will help to lower your stress levels.


 How your brain learns to be anxious
You will learn how your brain matches up some day to day events,
with a stress response

How your brain learns



Login anytime and anywhere that works for you

No-one needs to know you are getting help as the Program can be done in the privacy of your own home

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Login from anywhere,

on whatever device you choose,MoodSmith logo on smart phone


All aspects of the course are made for your convenience


MoodSmith owl logo sleepingIf you need help with sleep, there is a sleep assistance audio for you download and use as you choose, wherever you choose.

Mp3's are only one part of the program and they include

RelaxationMoodSmith owl logo with headphones
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
and if you have panic attacks, we have included downloadable material for that too!


Retrain Your Brain consists of 7 online lessons

For an overview of the Program and to see how you will benefit, have a look at the content

Course Content


Retrain Your Brain allows you freedom to undertake the course at a time and location that is convenient it to you.

You have the expertise of a psychologist, without being restricted to an hour per week meeting.

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