Picture of the founder of MoodSmith Ltd Elaine Ryan
Dr Elaine Ryan Founder of MoodSmith

I’m a psychologist who worked in the National Health Service in England before setting up a private practice in Ireland. During my time in private practice I realised that access to well qualified psychologists was expensive. Not only that, many people would benefit from self help or just reading information from a practitioner. This is what made me start creating courses.

I started this website in 2011 and founded the company MoodSmith® in 2017.

If you would like my help, I have created online self-help courses that I based on my work with clients in my private practice.

I am registered with The British Psychological Society (BPS) and The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Erectile dysfunction

 Erectile dysfunction, or not being able to get or maintain an erection, is surprisingly common.  The problem is, you (men) do not talk about it

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Stages of HOCD

I know I am straight, but my head thinks I’m gay.   I’m straight, but looking at other men (women), I want to know if

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Case Study; Living with POCD

In this article, I want to present a case study of POCD to help you understand how it can manifest within Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Living with

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Doubt and uncertainty in OCD

Doubt occurs when your mind oscillates between two or more competing positions and can lead to uncertainty and anxiety if no resolution occurs. This failure

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