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  • How to manage intrusive thoughts

    How to manage intrusive thoughts

    The impact of intrusive thoughts can be both emotionally and physically draining. People may avoid seeking help due to fear of judgement or shame. I wrote this article to explain what will help should you seek professional help and highlight things you can try at home. This article shows you how to manage your intrusive…

  • Who is affected by HOCD?

    Who is affected by HOCD?

    In simple terms, Homosexual OCD (HOCD) is where the person experiences worry about the nature of their true sexuality, which causes untold distress. This post will discuss who is affected; if you want to read a more detailed account of this type of OCD, please see my guide. Similar to most mental health conditions, or…

  • You are not as helpless as you feel

    You are not as helpless as you feel

    You can change everything around by ‘reframing.’ Reframing our thinking is a technique to correct a few self-inflicted stress wounds by reducing or removing the stress before it can do much damage. Reframing is all about how you act when a stressful situation presents itself and your internal response set. It involves meeting challenges with…

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