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Intrusive thoughts
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  • How thoughts affect your mental health

    How thoughts affect your mental health

    Thoughts can affect your mental health in both positive and negative ways. In my previous post, I explained what thoughts are. In this article, I want to discuss their impact on your mental health and how you can help yourself if your thoughts negatively impact your mental health. What type of thoughts affects mental health? […]

  • Reassurance seeking

    Reassurance seeking

    We all benefit from encouragement; at times, reassurance has its place. But when you go looking to be reassured or actively seek and need it, it becomes part of the problem instead of a solution.  What does it mean to be reassured? When you are fearful or worried and speak with someone about your problem, […]

  • Forgive to heal

    Forgive to heal

    If it’s too heavy; set it down Forgive everyone for all ills as much as possible. Forgiveness”, either secularly or religiously, does not mean you must embrace someone in familial adoration. Forgiveness does not imply that you must wipe the slate so clean you can pick up a broken relationship where you left off. Forgiveness […]