Anxiety Symptoms


Guide to Anxiety

Anxiety can result in some startling sensations in your body and mind and can result in Panic Attacks.

Whether you experience anxiety symptoms such as chest pain or a racing mind, or a full blown panic attack where it feels like you are dying, all of these symptoms are down to the workings of your nervous system.

What happens in your brain when you keep googling your symptoms

There is nothing physically wrong with you, the symptoms of panic and anxiety are harmless if experienced appropriately.

However, long term effects of stress may damage your health. Read more.

I’m a doctor of psychology and have experienced both anxiety and panic attacks

my purpose in telling you this, is to normalize your experience, as you may feel alone with what is happening

Anxiety, in one form or other, will be experienced by most of us at some stage.

The problem is we do not speak about it – there is still stigma. I want to break down that stigma.


Chest Pain and Tightness
Dizziness and Feeling Lightheaded
Numbness Pins and Needles
Heart Racing and Palpitations
Muscle Tightness and Pain
Fear of dying or losing control
Sweating and Blushing
Insomnia and Sleep Problems
Trembling and Shaking
Tiredness and Fatigue
Digestive Problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Blurred Vision
Panic Attacks


Can the symptoms be due to anything else?

It is always important to go to your doctor to rule out other possible reasons for your symptoms.

Panic attack symptoms can mimic

  • Asthma
    Heart Problems, and
  • Thyroid Problems.

It is always advisable to link in with Doctors and Psychologists who are expert in the treatment of anxiety as for some people, you may be experiencing adult onset asthma or have thyroid problems and this may be the cause of your problems and not panic attacks.

Are Anxiety Symptoms different in men and women?

Women are more likely than men to experience anxiety disorders. Some studies have found that men and women may experience panic attacks differently.

Women are more likely to experience shortness of breath and the smothering sensation that is a typical symptom of panic. They are also more likely to feel ill.

Men report feeling more pain in their stomach and experienced sweating more than women in some studies.

This is not to say that men do not experience the breathing difficulties and that women to not experience increased perspiration during panic attacks. Both men and women, can, and indeed do, experience both.

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